Monday, January 23, 2012

The New Kid in the Office

After getting a week full of assignments and multiple projects thrown at me by my collegiate professors, I was lucky enough to start my internship at Fox 56 Wolf TV, a Fox News Corporation Subsidiary. To most people, they would dread having to face a new situation with strange alien people. What if they yelled at me? What if they laughed at me if I tripped? I love Fox in general (being a staunch republican) so working in any shape or form with the organization to me was a great accomplishment. I even told my family so they were proud of me. My grandma gave me a kiss on the cheek and I smiled at her.

Day 1, I discovered what a news station felt and looked like. Originally, I thought I was going to see an uptight stress filled atmosphere but my view dramatically shifted the moment I walked in... Simon Cowell was staring at me in the face. I went to shake his hand but then I realized he was a cardboard cut out. I was a bit angry... after Simon, I noticed a bunch of other cardboard cutouts of all famous Fox characters.

During the week I was introduced to the software I would be working with during my stay at Fox 56. They said that I would use a number of Adobe Programs to create graphics, including Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects and Adobe Illustrator. These were mainly to create everything that I have ever seen on TV. Their main video editing software was Final Cut Pro (much better than the Windows Movie Maker I used as a child to produce short length shitty films).

Being a double major in both Integrative Media and Communication Studies, I was pleased to find out Fox used all the same softwares I have trained on. I have had hours and hours of experience in each one of them. After I relished in this though,  I shadowed one of their lead motion graphics/film editors as he cut a commercial for a local hardwood flooring company. I was sad because he was definitely much more trained in motion than me, I tend to stick to 2D flat designs. People call this "print work." Although, this blog is 2D and I designed it. It's kind of boring though, a lot of white space but I love white space and sans-serif fonts like Helvetica and Arial.

In the middle of the week, I was blessed with the opportunity to experience a day in the field as a camera assistant at the Kingston Armory for an Outdoor show with local celebrity Bob Ide. The camera crew (one person…) took time to teach me about every single part of the video camera he was using; the need to white balance every scene, focus, and use the iris to control the amount of light coming into the lens. Then I ate venison for the first time.

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