Wednesday, February 29, 2012

10 Seconds of Motion Tracking

I made it to another eventful (not really) week at my internship. I am learning that life in the production sect of a company (this company) is less restrictive than many of the other companies I worked for. Instead of the old fashioned cross-stiched synthetic walled egg colored cubicle to work in, I work in an open environment with a farm of computers and a variety of digital forms of media (SD Cards, Cameras, Video Cameras, DVDs, & Vector Graphics). 

This week, I spent all my intern time on a viral video to promote the newly created viral video section of Fox56's website (irony). Because I couldn’t find SnapzPro software anywhere for free for video screen capture, I was forced to take screenshots of my MacBook Pro’s screen. Now instead of pushing a button to record mouse movement, I had to motion track a rather large mouse cursor across the screenshots to simulate actual mouse movement.

First, I created the pointer most people in the world can relate to: the mouse cursor, then I added a slight white glow, then started keying. Motion keying is such a tedious process but when mastered can easily transform a simple message into a complex simple message attracting way more attention…to me. 

Most people don’t notice any form of digital creativity at all. There is a dude or dudette that creates litterally everything you have ever seen on the boob tube, the world wide web or print. Someone even created this font you are reading, which is Arial by the way, created in 1982 by a ten person team, led by Robin Nicholas and Patricia Saunders. It is the closest knock off to Helvetica (our nation’s most widely used font) and is available on both PC and MAC platforms so it has become a standard for sans serif web font faces.

But anyway… I tracked the movement of my giant mouse cursor throughout my composition and placed my whole animation on a vector graphic of a monitor screen to make up for the lack of size of my screenshots. 

A couple simple effects were added to spice up the animation once I finished my motion tracking. I added the CC Light Sweep effect for the MyFoxNepa button when the mouse hovered over it to simulate a hover and the Gaussian Blur effect to take emphasis off the webpage and onto the button. 

The animation lasted around 10 seconds, had a free background song from called “Good Morning” by Epickk, a promo reel provided by Fox 56 and a stock mouse click sound effect.

Watch my finished video:

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