Sunday, February 12, 2012

Changing Up the Workplace: Diversity

Diversity is by far one of the most important facets associated with a successful business and an ideal workplace. Because everyone is born into his or her preset socio-economic environment, at times we get a slanted view of the world around us. When people are around a select number of people or even a certain culture, they are only exposed to a filtered number of ideas. They see the world from their own perspective, their own cultural lens. Diversity is so important to not only our well being but also to the success of our society as a whole.

Diversity is necessary because it provides consumers with products that have each individual taken into account and it forces people in the workplace to encompass every human in the grand design of their product. Whether it is the curvature of a toothbrush or the colors of the packaging surrounding the toothbrush, every minute detail must be taken into account by a mixed set of eyes. No matter what ethnicity, economic background, or environment your consumer has grown up in, they must be accounted for.

Diversity benefits both the company and the employees because it brings a well-rounded view of opinions on a variety of topics. It leads to better decision making from a curve of people that think and react differently to each problem at hand. These differentiating opinions enhance our product innovation through greater problem solving, greater creativity and design.

Diversity provides organizations with the ability to compete and associate with global markets to make sure their product is being consumed in the way it was intended. Recognizing diversity also helps employees work together to link their strengths and weaknesses thus furthering the development and mindset of each individual.

Transformational leaders are major players when it comes to the possibility for diversity to really work. These leaders encourage contrasting opinions along with ongoing discussion to preempt conflicts. Conflict challenges the way things have always been done and problems that wall growth and innovation. Problems are often tackled with multiple viewpoints resulting in a much larger rate of success.

Unique and varying standpoints help extinguish the enemy to any workplace: groupthink. Groupthink is negative because it consists of generalizations. These generalizations promote the same and non-differing opinions. You can compare this concept to Republican and Democratic ideals; disagreeing fully with one side versus the other causes a certain percentage of blindness to the real issues at hand. A constant contrasting discussion among many people promotes the ability of a balanced ideology.

And the best part of diversity is forcing teamwork in the workplace. Playing as a team is what having a “real” job is all about. Life would be so much easier if everyone just worked together to succeed instead of competing to be number one at everything. On a larger scale, one would consider the people in our country as individualistic and self-fulfilling. We put ourselves before others. Instead of doing this, we should work for the greater good and try to work together. But that won't happen and you know that...

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