Saturday, February 18, 2012

I am a Cable Puller?

On Monday, I went to my internship and people there were holding a bake sale for unfortunate dogs that were abused by their owners. I felt a twinge of sadness for all the helpless dogs (and other pets) in the world that couldn't protect themselves as their owners beat/mistreated them. There was a picture of an abused dog sitting in a frame on the table; it looked as if he/she was starving to death. The receptionist insisted I make a dollar donation to the cause by buying a cookie, cupcake or any of the other edible treats. I caved and bought a cupcake. The cupcake tasted good.

My fifth week consisted of ongoing correction and revision to my previous week’s task which was to build a News motion graphic for a free HDTV.

My advisor told me to make the text in my original graphic come out from behind the graphic and go back inside the graphic on a motion path. So, I made a motion path with the pen tool in After Effects and keyed the movement from behind the graphic to the far right side of the graphic centered, then made the text go back behind the graphic. The text came out on a path from behind the graphic then went back on the same path behind the graphic. 

Then he told me to double the length of my original animation because the chyron software drops a frame for every two frames in the animation. He didn’t give me a logical explanation in relation to the software but I thought it would be a good idea to listen to him considering he was my advisor and I want a good grade. It also didn’t matter at all, even though it was a rather tedious process. I had to individually lengthen each layer of my animation, which took around an hour.

After my revisions were finally done, I exported the animation as a .targa sequence as I had with my last animation so that the chyron could read it. Instead of 300 frames, it ended up being 600 frames because I needed to make it twice as long; sadly it was a whopping 1.12 gigs big. 

Friday was my next “big day” working at my internship as a cable puller for a cameraman at a basketball game championship in Pottsville, PA. After the hour drive to Pottsville and unpacking all the equipment from the Fox 56 trailer, I was taken into the video trailer to learn more about their live graphic overlay editing system: Newtek’s Livetext. They have a switchboard that is used in combination with this graphic overlay software to live edit the basketball game I was going to be “cable pulling” at (and any other sports game). 

The LiveText software seemes to be a hybrid between Adobe After Effects and Sony Vegas Editing Software with the way it was set up. Livetext accepts the file formats .png, .eps and any other flat file formats (It can not accept .mov file format or any other type of moving file format).  A person creates .png/.tiff/.jpg shapes to be loaded into the Livetext software then makes editable text on top of the shapes so they could be continually swapped over multiple live sports games. 

The rest of my night consisted of me lugging around a 100’ cable behind a cameraman filming the basketball game. At least the basketball game was fun to watch and the audience was immense (around 4,000 people).

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