Sunday, February 12, 2012

Interning for the Greater Good

In my 3rd week, I had the opportunity to go out in the field to shoot a live double-header basketball game for the Coaches Versus Cancer event at Marywood University in Scranton. We spent two hours setting up the massive amount of cords making sure at the same time not to cross the power supply at anything other than 90o or 00. For some reason when you messed up the alignment of cords, there was an audible hum present in the broadcast. Also, we had to make sure not to overpower the wattage on each individual outlet (no more than 2000 watts) or they would be a electrical fire hazard. Even worse, a plug could kick the breaker and the live event could be taken off air.

After we set up, I was shown the switchboard that controlled all eight cameras we were about to shoot from and then I was set up on camera #4 to shoot the game. During the game, my objective was to shoot the visiting teams coach and the fans of his team behind him, I making sure to maintain the all-important rule of thirds throughout the shoot. The manager notified each of us when we were on the air and did a live broadcast edit of the game.

Ex. “Ready 4…Live, 7, 9, 3, 1.”

At the end of the shoot, my only grievance was a minor headache from looking through the viewfinder for both games straight. The staff applauded me on my ability to shoot the game without any hitch and just as good as anyone else broadcasting the game.

My other larger project involved the creation of an animated chyron banner for a Fox56 contest to be broadcasted on TV for the next month. I made the dollar sign ($) part in Cinema 4D and used Adobe After Effects for the motion and unveiling of the video “bug” (as they called it). I used a 3D perspective key along with an opacity key on the fox logo to the far left to have it appear out of nothingness then did a simple moving opacity mask for the rest of the banner to have it unfurl on screen. I reversed the animation sequence to have it disappear then rendered my sequence to the .targa format, so my advisor could place it in his chyron software.

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