Monday, February 13, 2012

The Purple Pig Bullets


My week has already begun and so has yours. You are alive, living and able to read this and pretty soon, this will be a run on sentence.  I already started working on two projects due near the end of the week. One being a newspaper article on "Business" in Wilkes-Barre and the other being a page design for my school's newspaper due Sunday. My creative mind is stifled with the bland format of .25 weighted lines surrounding piss poor pictures and large amounts of AP approved text. On the upside, I learn a lot about InDesign and I learn how to talk to people.

Talking to people is extremely important when it comes to living a successful lifestyle. Humans are social beings, we need to talk to get things done. But there are some... that are mouse people. These mouse people do not contribute a lick of conversation around the watercooler. I always try to include them and/or engage their attention. They look at me and their whiskers flair up.

So... last week I designed a flyer for my Relay for Life campaign and I think it came out rather well (only because I made it). Of course it could have been exponentially better, there are so many flaws with the design, most of which derive from the massive amount of text packed into the design. Too much text is overwhelming to the I broke it up with purple pig bullets.

My first task as design leader (joke) was mundane and boring as hell: remaking a logo. It seems like this is the trendy thing to do as a budding designer because no one seems to have an .eps file or .ai file to share with me. They look at me and go "Whaaattt, I gave you a logo." "Yeah, a logo that is 120x120 and consists of jagged pixelated edges." Yuck. What can ruin a logo more than pixelated edges? Making it in Adobe Photoshop.

Times New Roman

Task number two was to design Zebra Communication's (The PR Firm, I work for) a new logo to place on this flyer so we are accredited for promoting this fundraiser. I only put the zebra and rounded arial text in this, it is based on our school logo.

Optima/Arial Rounded

My third and final task was to build our flyer based off the client's flyer he created (and hopefully improve on it...)

I tried to fit every important detail into this 8.5" x 11" piece of paper. I laid out with my favorite text (Helvetica Neue Regular) and tried to maintain order amidst all that clutter in the original flyer layout. I used a stock purple pig for my bullet points. 

Thank you for reading. You are cool and my friend. 

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