Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sick but Still Working

It is the fourth week and my internship is flying by… sadly I was very sick over the past week and unable to go to my internship for all the days I originally planned. But on Monday, I worked all day with a program called “Cleaner.” Cleaner is mainly used for converting videos from their raw lossless format to many other formats. Some formats include GIF, ASF, AVI, DivX, DV, DVD (VOB), Flash Video, MKV, QuickTime MOV, MPEG-1/2, MPEG-4, OGM, RealMedia, VCD/SVCD, WMV and XVID. That day, I converted multiple files from .avi and lossless to the .WMV format so that the client would be able to watch the video on their PC OS without any trouble. 

Throughout the rest of the week, I worked mainly on the development of a motion graphic (bug) to be placed at the bottom of live broadcasts throughout the upcoming months. The bug was for a contest to win an HDTV during a Sports Broadcast. Considering I was sick most of the week, my advisor gave me the website I needed to get an adequate amount of information and the Fox News Graphic. I saved the graphic from the website, then converted the graphic to a .tif file to ensure transparency when I placed it on the alpha channel in Adobe After Effects. 

First, I built the needed graphics to create my news bug in Adobe Illustrator. I set the gradient backgrounds at 90 degrees and added varying shades of color to create the illusion of a brushed metal surface. Then I made sure to save the files out with a transparent background in .png format. I also took a picture of an HDTV and cut out the background to place alongside my banner. 

Once I created a project file in After Effects, I created a beam shape layer effect to a rectangle shape to simulate the opening of a TV and keyframed the length of the beam emanating from the middle in around 15 frames. Then, I added noise and a static weak signal motion to the Fox News Graphic to make it appeal as if it had a distorted grainy signal. After I did this, I keyframed the unfurling of the graphics I created in Adobe Illustrator so they came from behind the graphic to set a stage for my text.

After I created my stage and unfurled my banner with the HDTV, I had the TV turn on in the middle of my text animation. I did the same light beam animation to turn on the TV but I had to tilt it to match the angle of the TV. After I did the beam animation, I had to composite a video of a FOX News cast on top of the TV to simulate an actual TV. To get the video, I went to YouTube, did a simple search of the Fox56 News Cast and found the URL. I used to hijack the video off YouTube (haha), and then I used a Bezier Warp on the video to match the ideal dimensions of the TV.  

And finally when the animation was over, I closed it out by scaling everything to the middle then doing another beam animation.

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