Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Spicy Pulled Pork Pig Out

Today was the day that my PR Group and I decided to participate in the "Spicy Pulled Pork Pig Out" a weeklong event we created to promote our Relay for Life campaign. 

The fundraiser took place at a local up and coming barbecue style restaurant in downtown Wilkes-Barre. If you have read my earlier blog, you would see the "flyer" I designed for it. It was purple. Purple is a color.

It was a momentous event; all our PR Members came from across town to participate... all two of us: Mike and Sarah. These are two of the most dedicated and strong willed organizers/promoters in my PR Group. We each bring separate skills to the table when it comes to "making shit happen." Considering we put together the event/promoted it, all three of us made it our duty to go out and celebrate for the good cause of raising money for research to cure cancer and to test how hot the Spicy Pulled Pork Pig Out Sandwich really was. My two PR mates gave me high fives the moment they saw me. They were extremely emphatic (showing or giving emphasis; expressing something forcibly and clearly). "Come on man, let's do this!" they said. I looked at them with a wily grin and said "okay."

That is when we started walking down to the event. The event wasn't that crowded, actually it was only us. Sadface.

We opened the door at the restaurant, then we were led into the dining area where-in we saw an old man eating a pulled pork sandwich, he gave us a little nod and winked at Sarah; this didn't excite Sarah but it made me laugh.

Next, we ordered what we came for: the sandwiches. I knew what I was getting the moment I sat down on the painted black brushed aluminum seat and said in an eager tone, "I want to participate in the Spicy Pulled Pork Pig Out Challenge", they said "sure" and Mike said the same thing and they said "sure." They brought out the health waiver forms; we had to sign them to eat the sandwich.

*Sarah doesn't like hot food
so she didn't participate .
"Psh..." I told Mike, "This is the real deal, we have to sign waiver forms in case we get sick and die from the hotness." He said "Yeah."

The competition began, the waitress took my drink and said "You can't drink anything, that's the rules." I said "..." then Michael quit. "This is hot." he said. I said "I know, it tastes like I am eating habanero seeds, chilean extract, jalapeños, and wasabi."

The cook popped out from behind my shoulder and said, "You are absolutely correct, Bryan."

                        I finished one sandwich and I was the only person to do so. Are you proud of me?

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