Saturday, February 4, 2012

Comforting Feeling

Throughout my second week working at Fox 56, I felt way more comfortable in my workplace. I felt like ancient 200 year old tortoise peeking out of his shell into the lush and fertile jungle surrounding him. I spoke to people around me and smiled as they welcomed me into their quaint digital environment. Digital environments (electronic equipment and thousands of dollars worth of software), are the best type of environments for me to work in. Screw that boring timesheet shit, who wants to work in Excel for 8 hours a day? Blah, blah, blah, boring...

I even had a chance to record my own voice in a sound booth to put on a local PSA about a recent station outage. I spent a while in the sound booth a long while and the crew immediately nicknamed me "booth." Now, this is what they call me everyday. It's not bad, I kind of enjoy it; it makes me feel like I am one of the "in" crowd at Fox 56. I told my grandma that they gave me a nickname then she told me that her husband gave her a nickname too when they were in their teen years. I asked her what it was but she told me it was much too sexual for my own good...sigh. I was kind of disgusted and it gave me distasteful visions in my head.

As I mentioned before, my duty at work this week was to record my voice and edit it using software that reminded me a lot of Audacity. Sound modulation/editing was quite a breeze but the actual recording was kind of belaboring to me. Nothing was ever good enough, I judged myself so sharply. Your voice always sounds so weird when you hear it out loud, you sound like a freak.  Luckily, my second task this week  was to cut audio out of certain parts of promo reels for the Big Bang Theory. I did this for around 30 episodes. Audio was taken from their server’s hard drive and placed in the work bin in Adobe After Affects; I drug the video after it was copied to the hard drive into a new work file for Adobe After Effects. The challenge using this software was that it was only After Effects CS3 (an older version); Sadly, they couldn’t afford to buy me a license for the most current version (the one I was trained in) so I was forced to learn the many nuances of change within the program... luckily the core difference came mainly from CS3’s inability to automatically determine the video’s settings and convert the composition to the right encoding environment.

My trustful camera buddy from the week before helped me out once again instructing me to hit Command-K to open up the composition settings and quickly show me the differentiating audio/video settings that were needed to compress the video properly. Just as I expected, it was lossless video meaning the video I was editing was straight from the camera and in a raw (native) format. At the end of my second day not only did I complete my second audio cutting task, I produced a 10 second motion graphic promo for their online website about upcoming tax forms. This task involved a lot of typographical and balance theory using Helvetica Neue regular and a lot of motion “keying.”

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