Sunday, February 26, 2012

A White Page

There is nothing more discerning than a bleak and utterly blank white page/monitor/canvas confronting you right before the start of a project; a project which requires the need for that white blank blob of nothingness to be filled.

This will probably be one of the most feared moments at any point in my future career (if I have one). My future job will always revolve around filling this empty hole with some form of digital (or holographic) piece of artwork.

This week I was forced to create a flat (uncoded) website for a mock nightclub I created from scratch, a task kind of rough without adequate materials (ex. photos, hot women, alcohol, shirtless muscular DJ's.).

You really can't do anything productive without a mickle amount of super hi-resolution photos at visually appealing angles (unless you are an amazing illustrator, something I am not). I can't draw, I never have been able to draw in my life. I can draw stick figures, and inappropriate private parts. It's sad to come to the realization that me, as a graphic "designer" can not draw. Sometimes I think I can draw, but then I look at massive stock photo websites featuring professional artists that put any apple, cereal box, or bug I have ever created to shame... for now.

Surprisingly, I used an uncouth method of preparing this web mock: Adobe Illustrator. A lot of designers are probably like "Oh shit Bryan, you are an amateur" but I ask them what Illustrator specializes in? And they say "the creation of graphics." A website is basically a big navigate-able graphic; a graphic that needs to be perfect. And why not start the website in Illustrator and export it as a .psd to open it in photoshop, if you are in such a dire need to get in there?

I created my whole website mock in Adobe Illustrator (not to say I couldn't create it in Adobe Photoshop or even Adobe InDesign).

Before I started laying out my website, I created the pieces to make up my website. I made a brushed gradient black aluminum graphic then a glowy bar in Photoshop to look like fluorescent light.

I cut out the rest of the shapes I needed, extended this original brushed gradient and started laying out the rest of my website. I finished laying it out.

It took me around two hours to layout and another hour to tweak it. If I was coding it, I would create the misshapen curvatures I cut (see below) in Adobe flash and have them do an entrance and exit animation. But alas, it was a mock. I also did some slight color adjustments to the pictures I found.

Header picture courtesy of Liv Nightclub
Artist page background picture courtesy of Just Beat It Discos Nightclub
Lil' Wayne picture courtesy of
Skrillex picture courtesy of
Background homepage picture courtesy of JonZombie

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