Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Writing to live...

My life is filled with the need to constantly update the world on what I am doing and it's not because I love attention or myself. It's simply because I love to write.

For me, writing has always been a rewarding experience only when I was able to creatively dole out an endless amount of words without a worry to page requirements, news holes or word counts. This endless barrage of structured bullshit has always stifled my creative prowess.

The first task I had this week came a bit unexpectedly and at a moment's notice; I had a powerpoint presentation on my Relay for Life American Cancer Society campaign. I had no idea it was our team's duty to go today. The teacher called us to go I said "Yes, Mrs. Teacher. It is our turn." No worries though considering I made the powerpoint in advance to finish it early and I cued each person as to when they were to go. We sounded smart, the powerpoint looked kind of "rad" and I think my teacher thought we actually made an effort to make the powerpoint together but we didn't. Only two people contributed. Myself and my body copy dude, Mikel Hartsough. Mikel Hartsough wrote an amazing campaign proposal. It went above and beyond the call of duty and I was able to base my whole powerpoint off this singular document. I applaud Mikel on his ability to actually contribute to group work. Smart people do exist.

Also this week, I wrote a news article about Marcellus Shale and the effect it is currently having on Pennsylvania's economic climate. And from what I have found, Pennsylvania is making out pretty damn well considering all the nonsense going on throughout the United States with the dier economic travesty. Pretty soon buildings will ignite and people will be in the streets because riots solve everything.  Here is my favorite line of the article I wrote: "Technological innovation has superseded the out-of-date methods of humans garnering coal." This sentence embodies almost every ounce of "smart talk" I wanted to portray throughout the whole article.

My final project this week, was a grandiose poster made (as a favor) for our rival PR Team: Embrace a Child From Tanzania Campaign. I was a traitor.
My PR Team is Relay for Life.

Before I started the development of their event poster, I needed some information regarding their actual campaign strategy and what it was all about. I learned their main goal was to raise money to support three orphaned children in Tanzania to provide food, clothing, shelter and schooling. Funds are so needed in Tanzania because many of these children have lost their family members to the AIDS virus.

I was on task. I created a large 11" x 17" poster so they could look the part and hopefully get more donors.

I stuck with the red color associated with aids awareness and used the popular AIDS ribbon througout the design of the poster.  A good design has consistency and I think I have achieved a form of consistency in the poster itself. I tried to evenly space out all the text considering my project manager (a 21 year old student) insisted I keep filling the poster with more and more text describing the event.

According to Bryan Calabro, visual design is all about conveying the most information with the least amount of words (if any at all).  Her constant suggestion to add paragraphs of words was taken with a grain of salt, but I managed it quite well.

It was a challenge but I think the finished product turned out rather well considering I made this with a 2 hour time contraint and only 2 revisions.

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