Friday, March 9, 2012

Atlantic City, A Picturesque Destination

This past November, I made it to the big boy age of 21.  My trip to Atlantic City cemented my big debut into the "real world" with all vices available to me: alcohol, cigarettes, sex and gambling.

The trip began in a bronze Toyota Venza en route to Atlantic City, New Jersey. My quest and self-proclaimed goal to other members (in my family) was to win $1,000,000,000 solely from slot machines. This was all from the two dollars I had from left over from birthday cash. I didn't win.

I took a lot of wonderful (sure...) pictures on my journey throughout my trip. I will talk about each of my favorite pictures so you can put yourself in the moment and catch a glimpse of my life at a wrinkle in time <-- Great book about wormholes. The book took me on a journey, just as I am about to take you on (without Mrs Whatsitt, Mrs Who and Mrs Which).

Atlantic City was dismal for most of my vacation. It was overcast throughout our whole stay at the Casear's hotel. Talk about lame weather... God basically farted on Atlantic City while I was there.

Irate teenagers actually drew a penis in the sand on the beach outside this window right after the picture was taken. They were basically telling "the man" to **** off.

A man (not "the man") was on a surf board also when this picture was taken; he wasn't good at surfing. He was never actually even able to stand up on the board when I saw him trying to "catch a wave." (Mind you, the water was around 46 degrees.)

This was what I looked like throughout my trip (not acid), I was a bit hunched over with a knack for a perfect photo. I was in my "shooter's pose," a pose many photographers around the world could relate to.

This was also the inside the hotel room I was lucky to stay in during my furlough in Atlantic City. I am wearing button down Lacoste Shirt in this picture (I had to say that for my sponsors). I thought I looked like an oil tycoon's son without a gold plated belt buckle and or a gold Rolex. I am a carpenter's son.

This is my sister, Olivia. She is texting on her iPhone like she always is. I hate the kissy face

I was put on earth by these two people. These are my parents: Brian and Julie Calabro. 

Julius Caesar himself greeted me at the entrance to his casino. He told me "Experience is the teacher of all things" and then I asked him how he could talk, being that he was made out of marble. It was time to go into the casino. Sadly, I wasn't allowed to take pictures of the blinking slot machines all coupled with ding boop be bop ting ding noises. I also didn't even want to attempt to take pictures because I didn't have a tripod and I knew all my pictures would come out blurry because my shutter speed would have to be slow.

This "R" was all over the Julius Caesar's casino. It represented his reward's program dedicated to the hardcore gamblers there. The more "credits" you racked up and spent, the more "prizes" you could earn. No one won anything in my family; we lost around $120. We weren't really big spenders. Julius was probably disgruntled.

Check out this wonderfully constructed (but a bit cheesy) hallway in the Pier Shops connected to Julius Caesar's house. All my favorite high end stores with consumer goods I couldn't afford were along these hallways. 

My favorite store by far, was Lous Vuitton. Talk about elegance. And, Unisex. 

Louis Vuitton is well-known for his established reputation in the field of making luggage. In 1854, Mr. Vuitton was appointed as a trunk-maker to EmpressEug√©nie de Montijo, wife of Napoleon III. To this day, you'll still need to be royalty or have a grande job to afford his extravagant collection of handbags and other muses. 

Coach was my second favorite store because of their marketing strategy toward women. Look at that pink emitting from their store! The place looks like a little treasure cove. 

While I was waiting for my mother to finish her shopping, I took a picture of this little fake water fountain out in the atrium of the Pier Shops. The water was bubbling, bu bu bu ub ub wub bu bu. Yeah, that noise.

Look at this spiral staircase topped by a couple radiant bursts. This was how you went to the three different floors of the mall, if you didn't want to take the elevator of course. The elevator is in the background of this picture, look... ah yes, there it is.

Outside the pier shops we traveled in search of the candy store along the boardwalk called It's Sugar. Leaving the Pier Shops was sad; all the fun experiences I had there were now gone and forever a fleeting memory. 

The candy shop was filled with an abundance of sweet treats from all different times throughout history. Yum, these candy cigarettes I saw were perfect to prepare children for real smoking! Smoking is like candy children. 

The next part of my excursion, consisted of my family and I taking a brisk stroll on the Atlantic City Boardwalk. It was a bit cold, but we are a strong family that can handle it. 

Look at this crew of people hanging around trying to sell rental scooters (Jazzies) for the handicapped, this was a very shotty business practice, one that I would definitely not trust at all. Thank God I don't need a scooter... 

My grandfather fought in the Vietnam War so these statues hold some significance to me. These statues pay homage to all the people who died in the war from New Jersey. The soldier on the right looks as if he was flexing his muscle. He is strong. 

On my way back to my hotel, I snapped this bright picture of the Trump Plaza's entrance. Now, it was time to get ready for supper...

The climax of my stay in Atlantic City was at the Knife & Fork Inn. It is one of the oldest, and most historically charged restaurants in Atlantic city offering a relaxing and ideal atmosphere to dine. Eating here, was the best part of my whole trip. The food was perfection on a plate. I ate a 12 oz filet mignon steak drizzled with their house sauce.

I drank two grande glasses of Chimay Beer with my perfected steak. This beer on draught compounded my delightful experience in Atlantic City.

This custom cake was made just for my dad's birthday. It was a very moist red velvet cake, no need for ice cream. This cake was the best cake I ate in my life. 

The good looking waitress took this picture of our family. We were happy that day. Everyone put on their fake smiles to have this moment trapped in time.

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