Thursday, March 15, 2012

Taxes Are Important

I had spring break last week so I didn’t go to my internship at Fox 56. I bet they missed my cheerful demeanor alongside my tactfully outspoken nature on the job site. My springbreak consisted of Call of Duty and a trip to the St. Patrick's Day Parade in Scranton… these really weren’t the best skill building exercises but I thought I should live it up while I was young, healthy and moderately attractive.

When I arrived back in the production department in Plains, PA., I was given the task of creating a 10 second promotional video for their website in regards to the upcoming tax deadline. I seem to always get these small projects because they are neat little task with a lot of freedom. I get to exercise my somewhat creative brain.

I previously worked on this project on week one because it was one of the available projects for me to do, but it was terrible and I hated it. I decided it was time to do redo it so I would feel better about myself and my advisor wouldn’t secretly make fun of me with his coworkers. “Look at this 10 second tax web promo Bryan Calabro made,” te he te he… those te he’s are what I would do if I was watching the original one I made.

My first task was to hit the delete button on my original version, I hit delete.

My next task consisted of building a sticky note to go on the bulletin board stock photo I got off the internet. The building of the sticky note took me around 25 hours to make, considering it was a square with a simple linear gradient. I used a stock push pin button because I didn’t want to make one. Then, I turned the opacity down to 77% on my bulletin board so my animation wouldn’t be clouded by the background. I want people to be able to see my animation obviously, I am not dumb. I was kidding about the sticky note, it took me 30 seconds.

Next, I added text to my sticky note using the text tool in Adobe After Effects. I made an entrance animation with the cover of a tax guide on a 360° rotation. This rotation revealed my universally recognized little yellow sticky note; maybe not universally but definitely in our world. Aliens might use bananas for sticky notes for all I know.

I had my push pin on a motion track so that it would bounce up and down dropping sticky notes in the process with little messages to go with the announcer’s voice. The sticky notes were on a simple straight motion track, very easy to keyframe. And I made “myfoxnepa” do a simple opacity fade because I honestly didn’t know how else to make it enter. Sometimes, simple is better and sometimes, “simple is better” is an excuse people like me use to cover up a fact that I could have pondered a lot harder and came up with a better alternative to a simple opacity fade. I had an immaculate cursor come in and click on to make sure everyone knew they could click on the video if they wanted to go to the page; the href would be embedded in the video and go to the tax page.

My music was from an artist on

I was happy with my finished product. Check it out!

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